Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Can Eating A Piece Of Literal Fruit Contaminate The Human Race?
Not only does scientific evidence strongly suggest that a spiritual condition of fallenness cannot be passed on from generation to generation as a result of eating a piece of literal fruit, but the Bible supports this conclusion. For example, Jesus stated that things that go into our mouth, such as a piece of literal fruit, cannot defile a man (Matthew 15:11). Therefore, it would be impossible for the entire human race to be spiritually contaminated as a result of Adam and Eve eating a piece of literal fruit.

Those who argue against this line of reasoning put it this way:

Sure, it might be impossible for the entire human race to be spiritually contaminated as a result of Adam and Eve eating a literal piece of fruit. However, the sin of Adam and Eve was not the eating of a piece of fruit, literal or otherwise. The sin of Adam and Eve was simply this: They disobeyed God.

It is logical, however, that eating a piece of symbolic fruit can cause a spiritual condition of fallenness that could extend to the entire human race, particularly if that piece of symbolic fruit represents forbidden sexual intercourse. For example, we all know that children inherit characteristics, such as the color of their eyes or the color of their hair, as well as facial features, from their biological parents. Otherwise, nobody would ever resemble their parents.

We've all heard it said, "She's got her mother's eyes," or "He's got his father's chin," etc. But can babies inherit spiritual characteristics, such as a hot temper or a mean spirit, from their biological parents? Here we go again with the old nurture/ nature debate.A prime example that comes to my mind is a child I once encountered who was more Satanic than human. He was the devil incarnate as far as I am concerned. Like a wild boar, he was completely unruly. It seemed nobody could tame him. He was always throwing a temper tantrum. He was completely out of control. Even drugs didn't work. He was taken to specialist after specialist, but to no avail.

Where did these evil characteristics come from? I can only speculate. But I doubt if they came from his mother's side. His mom was a peaceful, gentle soul; one of the finest ladies I've ever met. I also doubt that his unruliness came from his environment or the way he was raised. His environment was typical of most children's. Again, all I can do is speculate here. But it sure seems to me that the culprit was his biological father. I've never met the man, but I've heard reports. And from what I understand, his dad was a real hell-raiser. Since he left the child's mother shortly after the boy was born, it's highly unlikely that the father's nurturing had much if any influence on the boy's behavior.